Hackathons or coding marathons are often used to discover talents all over the world. An extensive coding competition, usually joined by high school or college students, can reveal the best-skilled individuals in certain communities.

In the past years, hackathons have changed dramatically. The coding aspect of the competition has been toned down to make way for the business side of working in tech. They have produced the best data scientists, designers, and engineers. 

  1. Putting skills to the test

Learning doesn't stop within the four corners of a classroom. The goal of a hackathon is to let people's skills develop through mentoring and giving them the materials they need. Hackathons emulate what happens in the real world—this includes client meetings, data gathering, and the actual process of creating a system from scratch—something textbooks are unable to teach.

  1. Building networks among people

In the final years of high school or college, it is important to start building a network of people. Hackathons provide the opportunity to do just that. In some instances, hackathons are ways to meet a future boss or even a business partner. It is also a way to understand the state of education in the industry. Overall, it is a great way to expand horizons and widen reach. 

  1. Mentorship

People who participate in hackathons include students, professors, and even people who can potentially provide mentorship. For someone starting out, mentorship is a great way to understand how things work based on someone's first-hand knowledge. It's easy to be idealistic towards projects you aim to pursue. However, it is also great to have someone to reshape that idealism with some realism for more realistic and achievable goals. 

  1. The state of the industry

Hackathons often involve partnerships with large tech firms for pre-hackathon workshops. Through these workshops, tech companies can share recent information with all the participants, such as tech advancements and system improvements. Figuring out uncommon technologies can get stressful, but having industry experts explain can widen your understanding of the industry.

  1. Awards

The best part of a Hackathon is the awards, like cash prizes, trophies, and even job opportunities. The greatest award, however, is the experience and knowledge to pursue your endeavors.


Hackathons are great platforms for students to invest their skills if they have plans to pursue a career in the tech industry. More than a competition, it is a way to meet new people and share knowledge and passion in the industry. Overall, hackathons have changed the way we find raw talent. It has become an increasingly popular way to understand the state of the industry and the talented individuals that make it up. 

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