Perhaps you're here because you're aware of the complexities of judging a hackathon and choosing a winner. While judging a hackathon is a challenge in itself, there's a guideline you can follow to help you choose worthy hackathon winners. 

When choosing hackathon winners, some traditional hackathons usually go through the old-school way of sticking with demos. With this type, teams demonstrate their project in front of the judges, mentors, and other participants. For much larger events like worldwide hackathons, there are other ways to successfully judge each team, and that's why our team is here to help. 

In this article, we'll share with you dynamic ways to judge hackathons—big or small—to help you choose the winners from the bunch. 

Tip #1: Know If the Developed Product or Program Adds Value to a Business

When you're judging a product, tool, or feature, one of the first things you should ask is if it will sell and add business value. The winning team should be able to develop the idea that will contribute to the expansion of a business. 

To judge this, examine and evaluate the teams and put it up against the current market. If the idea will generate money or contribute to the solution of a business problem, then there is a potential for it to grow and develop our business, making it a sure win. 

Tip #2: Know If the Product or Tool Will Create an Impact in a Small and Large Scale

When you find yourself dealing with an unoriginal idea, it doesn't really impress anyone, does it? For this reason, one of the most important things to judge is if the idea of the team is original. Originality won't only impact the business in a smaller case, but it can also expand to a large audience. A fantastic worldwide hackathon idea should wow both the participants and the judges, and although it's a fresh idea, finding the potential in the tool is already a great sign. 

Tip #3: Know if the Tool is Realistic, Innovative, and Feasible

While the idea can be cool and unique, it's also worth checking if it's realistic. By checking this detail, you can tell if the team can translate this product properly into the real world and if the users will benefit from this innovation. Additionally, knowing whether something is realistic or not will allow the team members to generate a plan to truly create the product and test it out in the market. 

The Bottom Line: Judge a Hackathon with a Clear Criteria

While judging a hackathon can be exciting, it's equal parts complicated as well. Because of this, it's worth having a criteria to follow when judging a mountain of teams in a worldwide hackathon. Trust us—when you have a criteria to follow, you'll get to focus on project points that matter, allowing you to choose a team worthy of being called a winner. 

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