It takes a lot to host a hackathon. There are seemingly endless considerations to make when planning this activity. One of the most important decisions that need to be made is if you are going to hold an online hackathon or a physical one. 

Both types of hackathons will have different demands and specifications. This is why this should be the first decision you make when you plan a hackathon. This blog post will focus on online hackathons and their advantages over their physical counterparts. 

Planning a Successful Online Hackathon: The Essentials

Whether it is your first time or not planning a hackathon, it pays to know the essentials of planning an online hackathon event. Chances are, even if this is not your first time hosting, there is a big possibility that this is one of the first times you hosted an online hackathon event.

Online Hackathons vs Traditional Hackathons

Online hackathons are slightly different from traditional ones. They also present a whole set of advantages that may not be possible for traditional hackathons, especially in light of the recent situation. 

1 - No Geographical Constraints

With an online hackathon, the world will be your oyster. You will not need to restrict yourself to only inviting IT professionals within your geographical location. Since the event will be held online, you will be able to recruit brilliant minds from different places and invite them to participate. 

2 - More Budget-Friendly

You will not need to spend a fortune when you host an online event. You will have more budget to allot for prizes and giveaways because you will not need to pay for a venue or other expenses. 

Planning a Socially (and Physically Distant) Hackathon

One of the best advantages is that online hackathons will not require participants to be physically together in one location. Even if the pandemic protocols have relaxed somewhat during the previous months, it is still better (and safer) for everyone involved if social and physical distancing is still observed. 

Selecting a Hackathon Platform

One of the most essential considerations you need to make is to look into the hackathon platform that you will use for your event. There are certain features you should be looking out for when you choose the platform you use. 

For your participants, you need the platform to be able to offer easy registration, quick team formation processes, and a straightforward way to submit entries for the hackathon event. All of these must be relatively easy, meaning you need to find a user-friendly platform. (We can help!)

On the other hand, the hosts of the event need to be able to have easy access to all the participants’ profiles. Also, they should be able to view all the submissions that participants turn in. The submissions should be accessible without having the need to download them. 

Plan Your Hackathon Today!

Hackathons are great experiences for aspiring programmers and IT professionals. Aside from being a convenient way for great minds to meet, online hackathons are great platforms to allow for fast-paced innovation. Not to mention the participants will have a lot of fun in the process! Now that you know the advantages of planning an online hackathon, we hope that you will be able to walk away with enough information to plan a successful online event. 

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