When it comes to planning a successful hackathon for your company, it's important to choose the right programming languages that a wide range of talented programmers can use for the event. Choosing an inappropriately-difficult language will turn away the very people your company is trying to attract and empower.

You may not want to use the language stack that your core development teams use to build your product. It's a good idea to choose a programming language that's relatively easy to pick up, but also has a wide range of functionality.

One of the most popular options is to create a hackathon that allows programmers to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, also known as a "front-end" hackathon. This helps ensure that you have a wide variety of programmers participating, though the key is to understand your audience and choose a language that promotes your culture. 

What are the Best Programming Languages for a Hackathon?

1. Java

While Java may not be the most exciting programming language, it's one of the most popular on a global scale. As a Java developer, you'll have access to a variety of job opportunities from startups to enterprises to it-services. It's one of the most versatile programming languages on the market and has a huge community of developers.

2. Python

Python is a programming language that is loved for its simplicity and readability of code. Similar to Java, Python runs on a wide variety of platforms and is used in a wide variety of industries from finance to science and engineering. There are millions of developers who use Python and the language is one of the most highly demanded to learn.

3. JavaScript 

JavaScript is what provides the interactivity in web pages and is one of the most widely used languages in the world. It's also one of the most popular languages to use at hackathons with intense demand for JavaScript developers.

4. C#

C# is an object-oriented programming language that is a part of the .NET framework. It enables developers to build web, mobile, and desktop applications and is used by a large number of companies, including Microsoft. C# is one of the most popular languages to use at hackathons due to its powerful features and general ease of use for beginners.

5. C/C+

C/C++ is one of the most commonly used languages in the world and is one of the fundamental languages that many other languages are based on. It's a general-purpose language and is one of the most in-demand languages used at hackathons. As a C/C++ programmer, you'll be able to work in a wide variety of industries, from gaming to web development to embedded devices, and everything in between.

The Bottom Line: What to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Programming Languages For Your Hackathon

For the most part, there are really only two options when it comes to choosing the programming language for your hackathon. If you are looking to draw in a wider array of developers, your best bet is to use a language that is easy to pick up, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you have a lot of talented developers already, you may want to challenge them by providing them with an intermediate or advanced language.

When it comes to hackathons and developers, you want to make sure that your language selection is a good fit for the balance between the ease of use and the demand that is drawing your developers in.

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