If you are looking to host your own online hackathon or simply create buzz around it, Hackathon.com is the perfect platform for you. Whether it is for a corporate or personal hackathon, Hackathon.com allows you to create your own online hackathon platform or list your hackathon to connect with hackathon enthusiasts globally.

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To get started:

1/ Click on:

2/ Sign in if you already have an account, if not Sign up to create your account.

3/ You have two options:

List My Hackathon

Choose this option if you are already managing the organization of your corporate or personal hackathon. By listing your hackathon on Hackathon.com, you will benefit from free exposure and raise awareness around your hackathon event.

Manage My Hackathon

Create your own online hackathon platform. By selecting this option, you will be able to customize your platform with your custom branding along with features to submit hackathon project ideas, provide feedback, host webinars, post insightful content, etc.

You can visit Hackathon.com and either list your hackathon event or create your own online hackathon platform!

If you require further help to publish your hackathon on the website or have questions about using the platform to create your hackathon, feel free to contact us at enquiries@hackathon.com

If you are looking for an agency to organize your hackathon, please contact us here.