Hackathons have been going around for many years now with the same goal of creating functioning software or hardware by the end of the event. But, when talking about software and hardware, programmers are always the first people that come to mind since software and hardware need code. But are hackathons really for just programmers or software developers? 

In this article, we will figure out the answer to that question. Here, we will see if non-technical people can have a chance of winning hackathons

Can Non-Technical People Win a Hackathon?

If your company plans to host an internal hackathon, you should open it for technical and non-technical employees. Why? Because non-technical people can also win a hackathon. Winning a hackathon doesn’t need to have coding or programming skills. It’s not a prerequisite for participating in hackathons anymore. Anyone can win, thanks to no-code application development. 

With the help of no-code platforms, anyone can build applications and technology optimizations without writing any codes. So, even if your employees are non-technical people, their dreams of winning a hackathon can come true. They just need to take advantage of different technologies and tools to build creative solutions. In fact, they can change the traditional way of building software and platforms by democratizing the tools of innovation. 

What Are Some Examples of No-Code Applications?

Let’s say your team is serious about winning your hackathon. In that case, tell your employees that they should learn and master different no-code application tools, like AppSheet and Google Cloud’s no-code application development platform. These applications are built for democratization, which can help them win the competition. 

How Can No-Code Hackathons Drive Value?

Companies like you hosting a hackathon should support no-code app development. Why? Because it can significantly add value to your company in the long run. It can improve the processes and productivity of your company since the outcome will be based on your non-technical employees’ experiences. 

Instead of relying on the developer to create a solution for an unfamiliar issue, the people working and experiencing the company’s pain points can develop an effective solution themselves. They can achieve this by using no-code applications. These non-technical personnel often have the power to determine what kind of solution is best to address these issues the best. Since they are often the individuals most fit to describe the need and the process effectively, they just need a platform and program to assist them.

Remember, when the person closest to the problem can create a solution, your organization can remain future-focused. This is a great mindset to have, rather than scrambling to address inconveniences with your limited IT resources.

Is No-Code Application Meant to Replace IT Experts in Hackathons?

No code applications are just there to give business workers an immediate solution. Instead, it should be a bridge to brainstorm on potential pathways for apps that otherwise might never have been built. It's a great way to have people from the corporate side of your operations see these opportunities. Doing so lets your developers free to focus on high-value strategic initiatives while getting relevant comments and suggestions on their work.

No-Code Programs Can Help Eliminate the “Hackathons- Only For Programmers” Idea

As you can see, hackathons are not only for programmers or software developers. Any non-technical person can join hackathons, even without coding or programming skills. They just need to learn and utilize no-code applications. Who knows, since non-technical personnel often have more knowledge about the common issues and problems, they have a tendency to create the best software and hardware solutions, which can make them win a hackathon competition. 

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