Hackathons are an amazing event to enhance the knowledge and skills of its participants and bring out the modern geniuses out of the subtlest community of programmers in the country. This type of gathering isn't particularly easy to organize. It involves a lot of processes and personnel involved, and one of its key components is its promotion.

The thing is, no one would attend an event that isn't even adequately promoted; that is why it would be advisable to roll out a successful promotional campaign that will let everyone know about the upcoming hackathon event.

If you happen to be a first-time organizer and you would want to know how to successfully promote a hackathon, look no further than our helpful tips below.

1. Use Your Social Media Accounts

Your social media accounts are your best platforms to promote your Hackathon. Let's say that you have an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account. In that case, you can have all your followers and friends know about it, especially if you are an influencer. In this way, you are making sure that your chosen medium is widely accessible.

Moreover, many people worldwide log in to social media daily, and they would want to know what's happening. With a Hackathon up ahead, they may be glad to know that they can participate in it.

2. Advertise on Other Blogs

Marketing your Hackathon on the internet would go a long way. If you happen to be an active blogger, you can also advertise and promote it on your blog. You can talk about the details of the event, when it will be held, the venue, the guest speakers, and other things that would be interesting to your audience and readers. Also connecting with other well-known hackathon blogs and websites (AHEM!) can get your event in front of more people, resulting in more teams and projects submitted.

3. Advertise on the Newspapers

Another way to promote your Hackathon is through newspaper ads. You can set aside some money to have an ad placed in the local newspaper wherein you can write about the Hackathon and how every interested individual can participate and compete in the competition. Most papers now also have an online component where you can advertise digitally in their newsletters and on their webpages. 

4. Host a Meet-up

Aside from promoting your Hackathon on social media platforms, you can also host a meet-up. It can be a place for everyone who plans to join the Hackathon to get together and familiarize themselves with each other. You can provide a platform for them to share their thoughts about the upcoming event and their plans for it.

5. Notify the Sponsors

It would be a good idea to let the sponsors know about your upcoming Hackathon too. Sometimes, they can even give you a helping hand by being part of the promotional campaign. This way, they will feel appreciated and are likely to be more active in the gathering.

6. Ask All the Participants to Promote the Event

You can ask everyone who will participate in the Hackathon to help promote it. That way, they will feel that they are an essential part of it, and they will be motivated to spread the word online as well. Create an incentive program, such as giving away swag for your attendees that post the most about your event! 

7. Host a Booth at Your Campus

Suppose you are still an exemplary student of your college. In that case, you can also have a booth at the campus or university to promote your upcoming Hackathon. If you are an active student, you can have a booth or a table at the campus wherein you can display any material about the event.

The Wrap Up

Promoting a hackathon can be challenging, but if you know what to do and you put your best effort into it, you can make things happen the way you want them to be. With the right promotional strategies, you can ensure that your hackathon will become a successful event that everyone will look forward to joining.

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