If you are new to the concept of hackathons or you have plans to organize a hackathon of your own, you better think of some cool theme for your event. The goal of a hackathon is to solve challenges over the course of the event and create innovative new applications that people can benefit from. That can range from anything, so to make things interesting, implementing a theme would at least focus everyone’s efforts. Here are some great hackathon ideas you should consider for your next event.

1. Ed-Tech Solutions

The education system has always had several challenges in terms of the quality and delivery of classes, training, and education. More often than not, these challenges can be overcome with tech-based solutions that can bridge the gap between the learners and the lecturers. Ed-tech-based hackathons are always interesting to conduct, especially when you get some of the most inventive solutions from the participants.

2. ConsumerTech

Now, this may sound like a common theme used by many hackathon organizers. While that is true, there are many niche applications you can focus on to make things a bit more interesting. Try proposing themes like predictive keyboard software with extremely advanced predictive capabilities or other AI and machine-learning-based solutions. AI technology can be applied to practically anything, so it’s up to you to come up with something unique, challenging, and engaging.

3. Healthcare

Developing software for the healthcare industry can be extremely beneficial to many. While there are already many applications out there to aid healthcare professionals, there is still an immense potential to create new ways to automate many of the industry’s processes. Again, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) seems like a promising new field to focus on. So if you’re planning a medical-themed hackathon, this could be your best bet.

One good example would probably be developing an AI-based data processing solution for healthcare institutions and hospitals. These systems process a lot of patient data on a daily basis, which is an excellent target for your next hackathon.

4. Retail

With the exponential growth of eCommerce and the retail sector, it’s time to put the focus back on developing new software solutions for the industry. As more retail brands are switching to an online platform, they’re going to need a lot of new tools and applications to make the shopping experience much more enjoyable for their customers.

As a hackathon theme, maybe you can focus on how customers go online and find the products they’re looking for. They can create apps that test websites’ performance or track the effectiveness of push notifications of their apps.

5. Finance

Of course, the finance sector isn’t something you just overlook when thinking of hackathon ideas. With waves of new blockchain and cryptocurrency applications popping up, you can instead shift the focus on other aspects of finance that aren’t being given enough attention recently. Why not try hosting a hackathon on developing a mobile app that assists individuals with their cash flow management? Something along the lines of spending analysis through scanning receipts.

Hosting a hackathon is always a fun and engaging way of gathering talented programmers and developers, pushing them to create new and inventive ways of helping people and businesses. 

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