When trying to network, people say that the process shouldn’t only be about what you know or offer to other people—it’s about who you are in contact with.  That statement might sound a little disheartening, simply because you may not be in contact with people from specific fields you wish you have networked with. The saying also devalues the things you have to offer, not to mention removes the importance of knowing how best to communicate those offerings.

When it comes to networking, it makes much more sense to be ready to share what you have to offer to get started attracting people from other fields. However, it all begins by being in places that facilitate networking in the first place.

Here are some different things you can do to maximize your networking efforts:

1. Go to Events

Whenever there's an opportunity to visit events or even meetups, don't throw them away. If those events are tailored for specific fields, you can still meet up with some people and start networking regardless of why you are meeting them.

If you're a tech student looking to find a promising job in the industry, for instance, going to a tech meetup enables you to meet entrepreneurs and other business owners that may end up offering you a position in the future.

2. Show Up on Social Media

While in-person interactions are a vital part of networking, being available online is just as important. Not only can people visit your profile to learn more about what you do, but you can also use such platforms to keep in contact with those with whom you are networking. With tools like instant messaging, you can quickly contact the relevant individuals to build your ever-growing network.

3. Listen to a Guest Speaker

Guest speakers come from various backgrounds, and many of them have wonderful and valuable stories to share that can add to your knowledge and even experience. Apart from that, they're also amazing people to network with, especially if you and the guest speaker have a common interest. 

If you communicate something you want or are looking for in the guest speaker's field, you are opening yourself up to the possibility that they may remember you and refer to you in the future.

4. Participate in Hackathons

are events where experts from varying or similar industries gather together to tackle problems. Apart from participating in the competition, hackathons also serve as excellent places to network with others, especially when you can prove your skills right in front of them. 

If professionals like employers are around, this can also be your chance to show them that you are worth considering. When you showcase what you can do, your goal of networking also becomes a lot easier to accomplish.

These activities provide you with opportunities you need to grasp tightly when trying to grow your network. Whether you're a student, a worker, or anyone else, these events present plenty of opportunities to meet up with talents from various industries, helping to grow your network to an ever-larger one. 

Though it may seem like a lot of hard work, it is going to pay off when someone refers to you for your talent! Do not forget to learn how to properly network with other people, though—you wouldn't want to visit these events and fail to capture anyone's attention!

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