For college students looking to build their career in coding, hackathons are the perfect way to practice what you are learning about code. You can get a lot of benefits from being active in hackathons, whether you are competing alone or with a group, or even just by being a bystander.

Joining a hackathon could be the start of a promising coding career, which is why you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to do so. If you are still second-guessing yourself, here are some of the reasons why you should join a hackathon and elevate your career in coding.

  1. It Will Impress Recruiters

For most college students, hackathons are a way for them to be discovered by recruiters in tech companies. More often than not, they need fresh minds like you to come up with creative solutions for today’s digital problems.

With hackathons evolving into exciting competitions that present new problems with each iteration, you will get the chance to prove your coding skills as recruiters watch. One great example of how hackathons have been evolving is the recent uptick in machine learning-centered hackathons.

Because hackathons are typically hosted by the recruiters themselves, it gives you the chance to make yourself stand out and, if you’re lucky, walk out with a job as well as prizes.

  1. Make Valuable Connections

Hackathons are a gathering of many like-minded individuals who dabble in computers. Participating in a hackathon will help you meet people in the industry, from professionals to students just like you. Being in the same space fosters the sharing of new ideas, giving you more knowledge about the field.

It will also help you make meaningful connections with key people that can help you as you start building up your career. Not to mention, participating in a hackathon is a valuable addition to your resume.

  1. Your Skills Will Be Tested

Executing code for the purpose of completing a classroom requirement is one thing, but practical, real-world applications are another thing.

Hackathons are typically hosted by companies, presenting real problems that participants must find the solutions to. This means that you can get the chance to apply what you have learned in your classes in a real setting. 

Participating in an event that puts your skills to the test is the best sort of challenge, especially if you’re looking to build a career in coding.

  1. It’s a Lot of Fun!

At the end of the day, hackathons, like all competitions, are meant to be enjoyed. Participating will give you a chance to learn and meet new people all while having fun! It puts you out of the seriousness of the classroom setting while still learning new things about the industry.

If you are thinking about participating in a hackathon, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The most important part is what you take out of the experience.

Jumpstart Your Career with a Hackathon

If you want to participate in a hackathon, don’t overthink it. Not only is it a fun learning experience, but it will connect you to key people in the industry and give you a chance to put into practice what you have learned about coding. Those looking to jumpstart their coding career will benefit greatly from participating in these competitions.

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