When you're running a hackathon, not only do you have to come up with the theme, challenges, and tools for the hackathon, but you also need to judge the winners. However, when it comes to knowing who did better, you might find yourself at a loss. How does one know which group presented a solution better? Is it one with the most innovation? Is it one that looks the most interesting? Well, those are just some of the many criteria to have to pick the right hackathon winners!

So, as a judge, here are the criteria you need to be applying to judge a hackathon properly:

1. Does It Offer Any Value to Businesses?

Even if a hackathon is meant to be fun, you need to significantly consider the hackathon participants that have something relevant to businesses. For instance, do they have an excellent idea for improving productivity? That's something that can be of interest to businesses that are looking to streamline their workflow. Is there a way to improve the consumer experience? That's also a valuable solution, which would work well for businesses.

So, you're probably looking for something that has something that's of value to businesses.

2. Does It Make People Go, "Wow?"

If you're looking to make people go, "wow," you'll have to apply this in your evaluation. It's very simple. Just consider the wow factor of the hackathon participants. If they have a solution to a problem that many people have, then they'd probably get a lot of folks saying, "wow," at the idea.

However, if the solution is meant for a niche group of people, then you probably wouldn't get that many people saying "wow."

3. Can It Be Done in the Real World?

When it comes to judging hacks, you'll want some which are practical enough to be used in the real world. For example, if the solution is neat, it's certainly practical enough, just like how you can use an iPhone app. Of course, there are those that have a more limited application, like those apps meant to be used in hospitals only. However, if the hackathon participants have a practical solution that can be used in the real world, you'll definitely be interested in the solution.

4. Was It the Most Innovative Solution?

The hackathon participants must show you a solution that has the highest degree of innovation. But how can you determine that? Well, you can ask yourself this question: what are the ways in which the hackathon participants have solved the problem?

For instance, if they have figured out a solution to a problem that you haven't thought of, they get a lot of points, allowing them to win the hackathon.

So, by asking yourself, "what are the ways in which the hackathon associates have solved the problem?" and then finding the answer, you can easily determine the most innovative solution.

Pick the Right Winners for Your Hackathons!

Hopefully, these tips will help you determine the best participants in your hackathon. Of course, you can't use just one criterion to determine which team is the best. You have to consider the overall picture to get a better idea of how good each team did, helping you to make the most educated decision possible on who did best in the hackathon!

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