While some may be turned off by the competitive spirit of a hackathon event, competing isn’t the only thing to do there. You can learn so much more and experience new things when you attend a hackathon event. If you’re still unsure about attending, here are some reasons that will make you consider going to a hackathon.

  1. Learn More About New Technologies

Many hackathon organizers get the opportunity to partner up with some of the tech giants. Companies like Microsoft and Google may even offer helpful pre-hackathon workshops for you to attend. 

If you’re not really that tech-savvy, attending these sorts of events can allow you to learn more about the tech world. You may even pick up some valuable skills while you’re there. 

And depending on the event’s theme, you may even get a chance to experience some of the latest technologies. This can definitely be a rewarding experience for those who love to stay up to date with the latest tech trends.

  1. Practice Your Skills Using Real-Life Problems

When you’re in school, you get to learn a lot. That is already a given. But sometimes, your school may not offer that many opportunities to apply what you learned in a real-world setting.

Sometimes, theories aren’t enough. You have to put it into practice as well. Luckily, hackathon events can allow you to practice these skills using real-life problems.

In hackathons, you’ll be given real data to work with. This can give you an idea of how it would be like to solve these problems in your future work. It will also help you figure out how well you can handle such problems and what areas you can improve on. By gaining this knowledge and experience, you’ll be better prepared to handle the real world after graduation.

  1. Networking and Acquiring Industrial Knowledge

Big events, such as a hackathon, provide attendees with an excellent opportunity to network. Not only will you be able to meet new peers, but you also get the chance to meet experienced professionals and learn from them.

When networking with your peers, you can exchange stories and build connections that will hopefully come in handy in the future. You can also learn from each other and gain new perspectives that can help you grow in the field.

Many experienced professionals also like to attend hackathon events. Sometimes, the organizers will even set up mentoring sessions, inviting senior employees to give feedback to the participants. 

This can definitely be a great opportunity for you to learn. These mentors can help guide you and offer you insight based on their years of experience in the field. And if you’re doing good, you can even impress your mentor and open up career opportunities for your future.

Join a Hackathon Event Now

There are a lot of benefits to attending a hackathon event. It allows you to apply your knowledge and practice your skills using real-life problems. Hackathons also open up opportunities for networking with your peers and gaining mentoring from senior employees. And if you don’t want to be fully involved, you can still learn a lot by attending workshops and checking out the latest technologies.

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